Articles and Chapters

This section contains essays written by Ron Miller in recent years for conference presentations or for publication in anthologies or periodicals. These writings may be downloaded or quoted if properly cited.

Higher Education and the Journey of Transformation

School Reform is not Enough

Race to the Top

Decentralizing Educational Authority

Education After the Empire

Caring Education and Meaningful Democracy

Educating the Child's Inner Power

Education for a Culture of Peace

Educational Alternatives: A Map of the Territory

A New Culture Needs a New Education

What is Education For? Four Essentials of Education for a Green Society

Philosophical Sources of Holistic Education

Holistic Education: A Brief Introduction

Holistic Education: A Response to the Crisis of Our Time

Making Connections to the World: Some Thoughts on Holistic Curriculum

Nourishing the Spiritual Embryo: The Educational Vision of Maria Montessori

'That of God in Everyone' The Spiritual Basis of Quaker Education

Reflecting on Spirituality in Education

Toward Participatory Democracy

What Are Schools For? Alternative Philosophies of Education

What Is Democratic Education

Some Thoughts on Freedom in Learning

Columns from Global Intelligencer website, 2008

A New Culture Needs a New Education

Thinking about Schools, Past and Future

The Ecology of Learning

Education After the Big Bang

Education that Honors Children

Education Alternatives-Not Just Alternative Education

Going Beyond "No Child Left Behind"

Education and Parenting

Making Educational Choices

An Educational Rights Movement

The End of Schooling?


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