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New Directions in Education
Selections from Holistic Education Review

This volume brings together 33 articles from the early years (1988-1990) of Holistic Education Review, the journal Miller founded and edited at the beginning of his career. The authors are teachers and principals in public and alternative schools, educational scholars, and independent writers and consultants who were developing (and in many cases implementing) innovative practices that exemplified an emerging “holistic” pedagogy.

New Directions in Education addresses diverse educational issues, from race relations and bilingual learning to the nurturing of creativity and imagination, from critical literacy and whole language to environmental education and the Vision Quest rite of passage, and it provides a critical perspective on topics such as grades, corporal punishment, and attention deficit disorder. The book also includes personal reflections on the experience of teaching and learning such as "The Presence of the Child," "On the Education of Wonder and Ecstasy," "Schools as Communities of Love and Caring."

The book demonstrates how a holistic perspective, broadly defined, offers alternatives to the conventional, narrowly technical and managerial solutions generally proposed in educational reform. The volume is organized into five thematic sections, each with an introduction by Miller, that explore the philosophical foundations and practical relevance of holistic educational approaches.

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Holistic Education Press, 1991

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